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Redefining Hotel Luxury: Smart Split AC Control for Optimal Efficiency in Riyadh, KSA

A hotel in Riyadh, KSA, faced challenges in efficiently managing its numerous split air conditioner units, leading to energy waste and inconsistent guest comfort. They requested a smarter solution to optimize cooling while ensuring guest satisfaction.


In Riyadh, KSA, there’s a well-known hotel facing some challenges with its air conditioning. They have a lot of split AC units, and it’s been tough to keep them working together efficiently. This has led to wasted energy and rooms that aren’t always as comfortable as they should be. The hotel cares a lot about its guests and its reputation, so they knew they needed a better way to control these AC units.

The hotel’s goal was to find a smart solution that could make sure every part of the hotel was cooled just right, without wasting energy. They wanted a system that could understand when and where cooling was needed, and adjust automatically. This way, guests would always be comfortable, and the hotel could save on energy bills.

So, the hotel started looking for innovative solutions that could work with their existing AC units and help them manage everything more effectively. They were ready to make a change, not just for now, but for the future too. They wanted to be more sustainable and make sure they were doing their best for the environment.


Managing Extreme Heat Efficiently and Ensuring Guest Comfort



What We Did

We integrated smart controllers with the hotel’s AC units, enabling remote management and optimization for energy savings and enhanced guest comfort.

Implementation Journey

Smooth Integration of Wireless Controllers

The hotel experienced a seamless transition with the integration of wireless controllers to their existing split AC units, all done without a hitch in their daily operations. The quick and proficient work of the installation team ensured that each unit was promptly connected and operational, paving the way for a smooth adoption of the new system.

Centralizing Control with the Sensgreen Platform

Following the hardware setup, all the split AC units were brought together under the Sensgreen platform, creating a centralized hub for control and monitoring. This pivotal step unified the various elements of the air conditioning system, providing the hotel with a streamlined and efficient management tool accessible from a single point.

Tailoring Temperature Control for Optimal Comfort

The hotel then had the ability to implement smart scenarios, meticulously tailored to meet their specific needs. This included making real-time adjustments to the temperature based on actual room occupancy and programming the cooling systems to align with the hotel’s active hours. The objective was clear: optimize energy consumption while ensuring a consistently comfortable experience for all guests.

Harnessing Data for Enhanced Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction

The hotel’s management team gained access to invaluable real-time data on energy consumption, temperature fluctuations, and patterns of guest occupancy through the system’s insights feature. This wealth of information became a cornerstone for making well-informed decisions, driving the hotel towards unparalleled operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

The Results

 “Sensgreen has helped our renowned Riyadh hotel master the balance of saving 17% on AC energy use while keeping our guests in perfect comfort.

How can your business optimize lighting for efficiency and cost savings without compromise?

The hotel cut air conditioning energy use by 17% by smartly adjusting cooling based on when and where it was needed.

Guests enjoyed more consistent room temperatures, making their stays more comfortable and boosting satisfaction scores.

Plus, with remote access to all AC units, the hotel’s maintenance team responded to issues 40% faster, leading to fewer guest complaints and smoother operations.


Reduction in Energy Consumption


Quicker Maintenance Response


Hours Less AC Run Time Each Month

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