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Revolutionizing Office Lighting for Enhanced Efficiency and Savings in Dubai

A Dubai-based office building faced a significant energy challenge. The absence of automation meant that lights were manually turned off every night by security personnel, causing operational inefficiencies and increased electricity costs.


A Dubai office building was grappling with high energy costs and inefficiency. Every night, without automation, security staff had to manually switch off all the lights. This outdated system was not only labor-intensive but also spiked electricity bills.

The building’s facility team knew there had to be a better way. Enter Sensgreen’s Smart Light Control solution. It not only streamlined operations by automating the lighting system but also slashed energy expenses, bringing a sigh of relief to the building management.

Implementing Sensgreen’s solution transformed the building’s energy management overnight. No longer dependent on manual control, the lights now operated with precision and intelligence, significantly reducing energy consumption and operational overhead.


Modernizing the Lighting System for Unparalleled Efficiency

Building Type

Commercial Office Building

What We Did

We implemented Sensgreen’s Smart Light Control solution to upgrade and optimize the office building’s lighting system.

Implementation Journey

Seamless Integration for Centralized Control

We effortlessly incorporated the LoRaWAN Smart Light Controller into the current lighting setup. This meant centralized command over lights spanning eight circuits with 15 controllers efficiently managing 87 light units.

light controller
office lightning

Crafting Tailored Lighting Experiences

We set up lighting patterns on the system to align with room occupancy, natural daylight, and business hours. This guarantees energy conservation while maintaining high-quality lighting.

Prioritizing Business Continuity with Minimal Disruption

Recognizing the paramount importance of uninterrupted operations, our team of experts exhibited unparalleled proficiency and care throughout the installation process, ensuring that the daily rhythm of the building’s activities remained seamless and unaffected.

The Results

 “Sensgreen’s Smart Light Control has transformed our lighting and energy efficiency, acting like a vigilant partner optimizing every watt for sustainability and cost savings.”

How can your business optimize lighting for efficiency and cost savings without compromise?

In just one month after deployment, the Smart Light Control system achieved a notable 25% reduction in energy consumption for lighting. This translates to approximately 4,000 kWh of energy savings per month.

The client experienced immediate monthly cost savings of $250. Annually, this adds up to a substantial $3,000 reduction in lighting-related electricity expenses.

The Smart Light Control solution not only reduced energy consumption and operational costs but also provided the building management with enhanced control over the lighting system. This resulted in a more sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution that aligns with modern energy efficiency standards.


Improvement in lighting efficiency


Saved yearly on electricity bills


Hours of lighting use were saved each month

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