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Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy efficiency matters. ESG matters. Understand your buildings’ and equipments’ energy usage in detail, space occupancy patterns and air quality levels. Control your heating and cooling units. Discover operational inefficiencies. Reduce costs. Improve ESG score.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Track Energy Consumption and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Energy Consumption Monitoring

Install wireless LoRaWAN-based energy meter’s non-invasive design allows it to safely install instantly without de-energizing a facility, delivering significant cost savings and scoping simplicity with a snap.

  • Track the energy consumption of your assets and buildings in real-time
  • Analyze your consumption patterns, load and phase balances, get recommendations to optimize it
  • Identify the factors that contribute to your carbon footprint, and achieve your sustainability goals.

Power Quality Monitoring

Advanced Analysis of  Your Building's Electricity Consumption
Power Quality Monitoring

Install LoRaWAN based power monitoring device which is capable of monitoring 3-phase circuits with up to 5000A.

  • Analyze three-phase voltage, current, power factor, active power, power waveforms, cumulative active energy, ground faults, power quality harmonic distortion for current and voltage, phase imbalances and differences in real time.
  • Receive alarms and reports to ensure best power consumption management, as well as understand the causes of system failures.
Have a look at the sensors we use for these applications
Vutility HotDrop
Vutility Hotdrop


Connection: LoRaWAN

Measured Parameters:  Current, Peak Current



Advangird Gridmate
3-Phase Power Analyzer
Advangrid Gridmate

Connection: LoRaWAN

Measured Parameters:  V, A , kW, kvar, kWh, kvarh, Power Factor

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