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Optimized Facility Management

Delivering a distinctive occupant experience means that the tenant experience with digital transformation. Adopting the most suitable solution for your property will make a big difference.

Water Leak Monitoring

Detect Faults Before They Cause Damage
Water Leak Monitoring

Install wireless LoRaWAN-based water leak sensors which are capable of detecting water leakage in any point or zone with 7+ years battery life.

  • Receive alarms for high humidity and water leaks as soon as it happened
  • Act quickly and fix the problem before it causes damage or disruption.

Door/Window Monitoring

Don’t Lose Energy Through Your Doors and Windows
Door/Window Monitoring

Install wireless LoRaWAN-based magnetic contacts that is capable of sending data when door/window opened or closed with 5+ years battery life.

  • Get real-time open/close status of your doors/windows.
  • Receive alarms via the Mobile App, Mail, or Whatsapp if your doors/windows remained open.
  • Analyze how many time your doors opened during the day/week/month, analyze and compare open time/close time, detection of anomalies, get cross analyses of how your door/window status affect building energy, temperature and air quality performance.

Cold Storage Monitoring

Maintain Suitable Environmental Conditions in Cold Storage Facilities
Cold Storage Monitoring

Install LoRaWAN-based temperature sensors that are capable of measuring temperature until -200 °C with 10+ years battery life.

  • Receive alarms via the Mobile App, Mail, or Whatsapp if any temperature changes happened.
  • The data gathered over time will assist in the analysis of optimal storage conditions and the identification of temperature distribution throughout the cold storage facility.
Have a look at the sensors we use for these applications
Milesight LoRaWAN Sensors
Water Leak Monitor
Milesight EM300


Connection: LoRaWAN

Measured Parameters:  Water Leak, Temperature and Humidity



Milesight LoRaWAN Sensors
Magnetic Contact
Milesight WS301


Connection: LoRaWAN

Measured Parameters:  Open/Close Status



Milesight LoRaWAN Sensors
Cold STorage temperature Monıtor
Milesight EM500


Connection: LoRaWAN

Measured Parameters:  Temperature (Up to -200 °C)

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