Door Monitoring

Door monitoring reflects one of the most important functions in the built environment.

The Challange

  • Leaving doors and windows open while an air conditioner is running is a great way to lower operating efficiency and affect the performance of the air conditioning system to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Multiple doors, including entry doors, exit doors, and parking garage doors, must be tracked in larger buildings. However, facility managers are unable to follow them because of the installation difficulties.

Monitoring Hardware

Sensgreen uses LoRaWAN-supported wireless magnetic switch sensor for door/window monitoring.   

  • The sensor consumes ultra low power and has a battery life of 4 to 7 years.
  • It can be installed easily by the double mounting tape it has or screwing. 
  • A tamper detection feature on the sensor warns the administrator of any attempts to detach the device.
door monitoring iot device
door monitoring iot device installed

Door Monitoring Platform

SensBoard provides real-time analyses of your doors/windows all over the building. 

Monitoring Platform Features

Real Time Status

Get real-time open/close status of your doors

2D/3D Floor Plan

See which doors are open without needing effort on your building’s 2D or 3D Floor Plan


Get weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of your doors’ analysis to understand pattern through the big data

IoT Integration

Integrate door/window monitoring data with other IoT Applications offered by Sensgreen to better understand your building and operations

Alarms and Notifications

Get alarms via the Mobile App, Mail, or Whatsapp/Telegram Bot if your doors remained open


 Learn how many time your doors opened during the day/week/month, analyze and compare open time/close time, detection of anomalies, get cross analyses of how your door/window status affect building energy, temperature and air quality performance