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Building Energy Efficiency For Efficient Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Why Challenging? Why Now?

Building energy efficiency reflects one of the most critical areas of improvement in reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Across the world, it is estimated that 40% of all carbon emissions are created by the built environment. 

For companies that want to improve their carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption, improve their ESG score and meet their net zero goals, building energy efficiency represents the lowest hanging fruit. 

The frustrating reality is that conventional buildings simply aren’t very efficient. They rely on manual monitoring (or once a year checks with no monitoring), ad-hoc optimizations such as opening windows, assigning fixed set values, and unsystematic processes to manage energy usage. And when consumption patterns are affected by changing conditions and usage, wastage is inevitable.

Smart IoT tools offered by Sensgreen improves building energy efficiency and  bridges the gap between existing building operations today and where buildings need to be by 2050. 

Building Energy Efficiency super-simplified with Sensgreen

building energy efficiency

Building energy efficiency in today’s built environment means achieving uninterrupted monitoring and analysis in an affordable manner. At Sensgreen, we deploy IoT sensors across buildings to provide companies with real-time insight into energy consumption, energy distribution, maintenance, air quality, thermal comfort and occupancy.

This way, you can understand your building’s performance instantly and remotely, and immediately put in place strategies to make it more efficient. 

  • Smart sensors. Easy-install, zero-maintenance, and distance-free, they can help you drive energy efficiency by providing data on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) usage, energy usage, door/window activity, occupancy levels and air quality.

  • Actionable Reports and Alarms. Sensor data is fed through AI algorithms to deliver targeted, actionable insights into your energy usage and inefficiencies.

  • Access from anywhere. No matter the size of your building portfolio, your building data is delivered onto a single screen wherever you want it to be.

Unique Advantages for Improving Your Building’s Performance

  • LoRaWAN based energy meter’s non-invasive design allows it to safely install instantly without de-energizing a facility, delivering significant cost savings and scoping simplicity with a snap. Also, the whole other sensors are battery-powered LoRaWAN based and they can be registered via QR Registration System in 30 seconds. 
  • Facility management teams can follow their building’s performance and conditions using the Sensgreen platform. The platform visualizes an overview of the real-time energy consumption with the other conditions in the building such as temperature & humidity points, indoor air pollution, occupancy levels, door/ window opening positions & counts on 2D/3D floor plan of the building.  
  • The digitalization of the building can be completed in half a day and FM (facility management) teams can start to get analyses and alarms to optimize the HVAC system and building operations to save energy. They can get 360° analysis of their buildings with cross-matched analysis of different parameters and a lot of insights that are generated by machine learning-based Sensgreen Building Analytics Tool.  The buildings can save up to 20% energy with our solution.