Energy Monitoring For Sustainable Buildings

Energy monitoring applications in buildings often call for expensive, complex equipment to be delivered onsite and temporarily installed.

For the utility, three-phase balancing is crucial. As the utility calculated and billed based on the highest phase load, the imbalances caused several hundred thousand dollars in additional costs each year.

Facility managers have a major responsibility that directly impacts safety, comfort, and the financial line: maximizing uptime of vital equipment. Optimizing the building’s energy use requires sub-metering.

Energy Monitoring Hardwares

Sensgreen uses LoRaWAN-based Vutility HotDrops as energy meters.  

  • HotDrops install just within minutes, minimizing high-cost electrician time without needing to cut the power. 
  • HotDrop includes many patented and exclusive energy monitoring technologies that allow it to recharge inductively on the wire it measures without the use of external batteries or wires.
  • The HotDrop can report more data in under 15 minutes using minute-by-minute cloud transmissions than the majority of meters do in an entire year hence makes energy monitoring extremely accessible.
  • Competitive bids ranged from $50K to $75K plus ($35K to 50K for HW plus installation fees and margin). HotDrop’s equivalent scope costs less than $3K for HW and requires significantly less installation cost.
  • Up to 4000 Amps energy metering capability (CT sizes change according on the measurement capacity)

Energy Monitoring Platform

SensBoard provides actionable, insightful energy metering data that helps in resolving complicated energy issues, such as lowering carbon footprints, lowering costs, and enhancing performance, optimizing HVAC operations all with scalable ROIs. 

Energy Monitoring Analytics Tools

Facility Submetering

Get minute-by-minute granular energy metering data (down to the circuit level!) to measure, monitor, and drive changes

Anomaly Detection

If there is unusual consumption, get alarms via the Mobile App, Mail, or Whatsapp/Telegram Bot


Get weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of your energy consumption analysis which is analyzed by machine learning-based Sensgreen Building Analytics Tool 

Sustainability Goals

Recognize the contributing factors to your carbon footprint and find opportunities for efficiency

Load & Phase Balancing

Analyze your three-phase balances and get recommendations to optimize it

Budget Management

Real-time visibility will help you avoid end-of-month surprises on your energy bills

Peak Demand Reduction

Data to reduce capacity tags and ensure credit for participating in DR events

Cross Analyses

Compare your building’s energy consumption with temperature, humidity, and air quality data

IoT Integration

Integrate energy monitoring data with other IoT solutionsIoT Applications offered by Sensgreen to better understand your building and operations