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Get weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of your building performance.

You can get rich analyses, and insights about your building and your team, also some more recommendations to optimize your building performance and save more energy from reports generated by the AI-based Sensgreen Report Generation Tool.

Sensgreen Dashboard - Reporting
SensBoard - HVAC Management Reports

Stay tuned for your Weekly HVAC Management Reports.

Your building and outdoor temperature changes are analyzed to provide best temperature management for your building.

Get insights about how you need to operate your system based on forecasted weather conditions, save energy and increase comfort in your building.

Easily share reports with your colleagues.

Share with your teammates with a single click or download as a pdf.

All the reports are stored in the database of Sensboard. You can access historical reports, share them with colleagues, and download them whenever you need them.

SensBoard - Report Sharing

Analyze the trends of your building with heatmaps

Heatmaps - Advanced Visualization

Connect with Sensgreen to optimize your building management and reduce your costs

Start reducing costs and begin capturing efficiencies instantly with Sensgreen

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