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Create alarms and begin receiving notifications to optimize your building operations.

Create your alarm conditions on the dashboard for room, floor, or building level and start to send alarms to the relevant person in your team. Even if you don’t know what is best for your building, use pre-defined alarm conditions-based standards(WHO, ASHRAE, EPA, etc.)

Alarms & Notification
Alarms & Notifications

Receive notifications wherever you want.

Get notified via Mail, Whatsapp, SMS, Mobile app, and Slack.

You can configure your notification settings to get notifications in different mediums on the dashboard.

Follow your live alarms.

See what’s going on in your building, also track if your team handled the problem at the right time.

You can track all of your alarms, including their generation date and time, duration, and state, to easily intervene with problems in your building.

Alarms & Notifications

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