How it works?

IoT Technology: Cable Free, Hassle Free

 Installation of SensNode is hassle-free and quick. It takes only 30 seconds to be up and running. What’s more, it doesn’t have any wires and is powered by batteries, so there’s no wiring whatsoever – which makes the installation even quicker.

SensNode doesn’t require any maintenance, and it’s self-calibrating. It starts collecting data the moment you plug it on the wall, and your data stays secure thanks to end-to-end secured data flow and big data storage on the cloud.

IoT Technology: Seamless, Fast, Reliable

Sensgreen fostered the recently emerged wireless communication protocol LoRaWAN for ease of installation and scalability. LoRaWAN is a  non-cellular wireless communication protocol.  It enables long-range communication and it’s both the communication protocol and system architecture for  IoT networks.  The  LoRaWAN technology stack is the best choice for connected cities because of its long signal range and minimal power requirements.
LoRaWAN-enabled IoT sensors can both transmit and receive data. Sending data to networks and receiving information in return,  LoRaWAN equipment can deliver status messages even to remote locations.
IoT Technology

Your Data is Safe & Secure

Push Your Data to Cloud

Sensgreen solutions and services also include cloud data storage. All the data, analysis, and information collected for you will be seamlessly transferred and secured on the cloud data platform.
You can access and retrieve your data from SensBoard anywhere and see it in detail whether it’s in the past, present, or a specific time period you want to work on.

AI- IoT Technology


On SensBoard, users can observe the Big Datacollected by SensNodes for each room in their buildings. The amount of data collected to make air visible is usually too complex and excessive for humans to work on. That’s why Sensgreen utilizes the latest AI technology to interpret Big Data.

Our built-in AI analytics system processes this data to create easily understandable graphics and actionable insights for them to see and act on.  With these graphics, they can observe all the data gathered from past to present, to observe the trends on their premises.

For Optimized Buildings


With our reporting system, our users can get monthly building analysis reports as a part of their subscription. These reports are generated by the analysis of all the measurements and data for the buildings throughout the month.

With these reports, users can see the monthly average graphs for each parameter, risk status, recommended safe ranges, and the overall ranking of their rooms based on the analytics data of the parameters, respectively.

In each report, users will also receive a series of recommendations for identified critical readings and recurring events for the duration of the month to solve any ongoing issues.

Make It Interactive

Generate QR Codes & Share Live Data

Make the occupants part of the sustainability and healthy space culture by enabling them to monitor their environment by using the QR codes and take individual actions.

For each space monitored by Sensgreen, users can generate individual QR codes on SensBoard with just one click. These QR codes will enable the occupants to see the air quality instantly and share their feedback with you easily.