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Transform your building and automate efficiency.

All-in-one smart building platform for commercial buildings. Sensgreen makes your building efficient by transforming them into a data-driven ecosystem.

Smart Building Platform - Sensgreen

Designed for building management leaders of today

Facility Manager

How can I enhance indoor air quality while also driving down energy costs in my building?

Sustainability Manager

How can I find effective methods to track and meet our buildings’ emission targets?

Application Engineer

How can I find reliable & secure way to integrate IoT data across multiple building systems?

Asset Manager

How can I improve asset value and attract premium tenants with sustainable building technology?


Effortlessly connect your devices with over 50 integrations and diverse communication protocols.


Collect, organize, and analyze data from interconnected systems using AI-driven tools.


Utilize AI analytics to automate HVAC control by adjusting strategies in real-time based.

Control devices, analyze data, optimize energy

Take control of your buildings for enhanced performance

High energy costs, equipment breakdowns, and a lack of insight into building operations can all hinder performance and impact the bottom line. Our cutting-edge technology offers an array of powerful features to help you optimize your building’s performance and reduce energy waste.

Empower your building's potential

With supported wireless LoRaWAN-based sensors, you can easily track critical data in real time for temperature, air quality, energy consumption, and occupancy levels. Our AI-based platform provides advanced analytics to help you make informed decisions and optimize your HVAC control strategy. Automate your building to reduce energy consumption, saving both time and money.

Using Sensgreen's device manager streamlined our system integration immensely. We connected 500 devices to our BMS in just one day—a task that would have taken significantly longer with wired installations. The real win here is the cost efficiency that comes with the time we save.

Gürol AydemirGeneral Manager at Ontrol Automation, UAE

Thanks to in-depth IAQ, temperature, and humidity insights, we not only fostered a healthier work environment but also amped up our sustainability. We've managed to amp up energy efficiency by a remarkable 30% across all operations.

Leo RadfordManaging Director, Envida Technical Services LLC

With access to real-time air quality and energy data, we can identify areas for cost-saving and provide added value to our customers and investors. Resulted in savings of millions of kWh and dollars annually in our projects.

Charles Blaschke IVFounder, Taka Solutions

Leveraging our strategic partnership with Sensgreen, we’ve managed to serve our clients sustainability targets head-on, reducing energy consumption by an impressive 17%.
It’s revolutionized our approach and helped us cement our dedication to sustainable solutions in the region.

Khalid OsmanDirector of Sustainability Solutions, GreenBee

Waste less. Optimize more.



Reduce energy costs and improve sustainability with real-time monitoring and actionable insights.

Indoor Air

Quality Monitor

Improve indoor air quality and safety with advanced sensor technology.



Optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve occupant satisfaction.



Optimize building efficiency with AI-powered analytics, sensors and automation.

Smart AC and Radiator Control

Efficiently manage your heating and cooling systems. Reduce costs and enhance comfort.


Seamlessly connect your data sources and building systems

Sensgreen Integrations

Helping business use data for their buildings


Data points are processed in real-time


Buildings now smarter and more efficient


Supported devices and integrations, ensuring versatile connectivity

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Ready to take your business to the next level? We can build healthy, energy-efficient, and optimized smart buildings -together.

Join forces with Sensgreen and become a part of our channel partner program. With our cutting-edge smart building platform, you can improve your portfolio, resell our solutions or integrate them into your own.

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