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Redefining Office Efficiency

Revolutionizing Office Lighting for Enhanced Efficiency, Dubai

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Smart Light Control, Energy Efficiency, Operational Automation, Cost Savings


A Dubai-based office building faced significant energy challenges due to the lack of automation in its lighting system. Every night, security personnel manually turned off the lights, leading to operational inefficiencies and increased electricity costs. The facility team sought a better solution to automate the lighting system, reduce energy expenses, and improve overall efficiency.


Manual Operations

The building relied on security staff to manually turn off the lights every night, leading to labor-intensive processes and potential human error.

High Energy Costs

Without automation, the building faced high energy consumption and elevated electricity bills, impacting operational budgets.

Operational Inefficiencies

Manual lighting control led to operational inefficiencies, with lights sometimes left on unnecessarily, wasting energy.

Sustainability Concerns

The outdated lighting system did not align with modern sustainability standards, increasing the building’s carbon footprint.


Sensgreen implemented its Smart Light Control solution to upgrade and optimize the office building’s lighting system. The solution included:

  • Seamless Integration for Centralized Control: The LoRaWAN Smart Light Controller was effortlessly incorporated into the existing lighting setup. This allowed centralized control over lights across eight circuits with 15 controllers efficiently managing 87 light units.

  • Crafting Tailored Lighting Experiences: Lighting patterns were set up on the system to align with room occupancy, natural daylight, and business hours, ensuring energy conservation while maintaining high-quality lighting.

  • Prioritizing Business Continuity: The installation process was carried out with minimal disruption, ensuring that the daily operations of the building remained seamless and unaffected.


Sensgreen’s Smart Light Control has transformed our lighting and energy efficiency, acting like a vigilant partner optimizing every watt for sustainability and cost savings.

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