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Smart Cleaning

Experience the future of facility cleaning.

Achieve operational excellence and hygiene with smart cleaning technology.

Introducing smart cleaning to Sensgreen Smart Building Platform revolutionizes facility management and enhances cleanliness in commercial buildings. With real-time monitoring of paper dispensers, towel levels, water temperature, and occupancy, facility managers gain valuable insights for optimized cleaning schedules, reduced waste, and improved resource allocation.

Target customers, including building owners, facility managers, and cleaning service providers, can enjoy enhanced operational efficiency, cost savings, and a healthier environment for occupants. By leveraging advanced IoT technologies and data analytics, smart cleaning on Sensgreen Platform transforms the way buildings are maintained, ensuring a clean and comfortable space for all.

Who is it for?

  • Facility Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Cleaning Service Providers

Why it matters?

  • Efficient Resource Management
  • Improved Occupant Comfort
  • Optimize Cleaning Schedules

Maintain hygiene and offer best services for building occupants

Mitigate the risk of any disease and act before it happens

Schedule cleaning based on demand and improve cost savings and sustainability

Sensgreen makes transforming buildings easier than ever before


Multiple Sensors

Monitor various parameters such as paper dispenser levels, paper towel levels, water temperature in pipes, and number of people in bathrooms in real time.

Alarms and Notifications

Rceive alerts regarding critical situations, such as low paper levels or unusual water temperatures. Take immediate action and ensure optimal conditions.

Smart Bathroom Reports

Analyze comprehensive reports on various aspects of smart cleaning, including usage statistics, maintenance history, and cleaning schedules.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict maintenance needs for bathroom utilities. Identify issues such as low paper or towel levels, potential plumbing problems, or irregular water temperatures.

Data Analytics and Insights

Analyze patterns, usage trends, and anomalies to identify areas that require attention, optimize cleaning schedules, and improve resource allocation.

Feedback QR App

The platform can generate a QR code that directs occupants to give feedback regarding they are satisfied with services in bathroom. This feedbacks can be matched with paper levels, number of people visited bathrooms since the last cleaning to analyze what can be improved.
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