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Redefining Office Efficiency

Smart Split AC Control for Optimal Facility Management in Davao City, Philippines

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Davao City, Philippines


Smart Split AC Control, Remote Management, Energy Savings, Employee Comfort Optimization


An office facility in Davao City, Philippines, faced significant challenges in efficiently managing its numerous split air conditioner units. This inefficiency led to wasted energy and inconsistent employee comfort. The facility management team, valuing operational efficiency and employee satisfaction, wants to apply a smarter solution to optimize cooling and ensure a comfortable working environment while reducing energy consumption.


Manual Operation Inefficiencies

The manual process of opening and closing each AC unit with a remote was time-consuming. It often resulted in units being left on unnecessarily, causing energy wastage and increased operational costs.

Energy Inefficiency

The split AC units operated without coordinated control, causing unnecessary energy consumption and increased operational costs.

Employee Comfort Variability

The lack of smart control meant that office temperatures were often inconsistent, affecting employee satisfaction and productivity.

Slow Response to Issues

Maintenance teams faced challenges in promptly addressing AC-related issues due to the absence of remote monitoring and control capabilities.


To address these challenges, Sensgreen integrated 150 Sensibo smart air conditioning controllers with the office’s split AC units, enabling remote management and optimization through the Sensgreen platform. Sensibo Smart AC Controller technology allows air conditioners to be remotely controlled via the Sensgreen platform. This includes status, set temperature, fan level, and mode. With this solution, all air conditioners can be operated from one dashboard since we use Sensibo APIs to pass on configurations made on the platform to the device.

Smooth Integration of Wireless Controllers: The installation team seamlessly integrated wireless controllers into the existing AC units without disrupting daily operations.

Centralized Control via Sensgreen Platform: All split AC units were centralized under the Sensgreen platform, allowing unified control and monitoring from a single interface.

Tailored Temperature Control: Smart scenarios were implemented to adjust temperatures in real-time based on room occupancy and office activity, optimizing energy consumption while ensuring employee comfort.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: The facility management team accessed real-time data on energy consumption, temperature fluctuations, and occupancy patterns, enabling informed decisions to enhance efficiency and employee satisfaction.