Smart Building Solutions.

Make every building healthy, efficient and sustainable!

Gain with Sensgreen. Instantly smarten your buildings with Sensgreen IoT Technology. Affordable, Cable-Free, Plug and Play building IoT solutions

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Healthy Buildings.

Track conditions and make your buildings healthier

The safety of indoor environments have never been more important to peoples’ health and wellbeing. With Sensgreen you can track indoor air quality and space occupancy throughout your buildings, so you can improve every space.

Efficient Buildings.

Optimize your building management

Eliminate inefficiencies. Reduce energy use. Save time and money. Reduce site visits. Streamline operations.

Sustainable Buildings.

Optimize your building management

ESG matters. With Sensgreen understand your buildings’ energy usage, space occupancy patterns, air quality levels and operational inefficiencies so you can make adjustments that impact your sustainability scores and operating costs.

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