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One Platform That Makes Your Building


Energy Efficient Buildings

Optimize Operations
The AI-powered platform collects and analyzes data from the most advanced IoT technology.

Save Energy
Save on energy costs and reduce carbon footprint with data-driven building operations.

Healthy and Happy Buildings
Track indoor environments and get analyses for optimization to match the needs of occupants.

Effective, Easy-to-Use, and Comprehensive Building Management Solution

Sensgreen Use Cases

Countless Use Cases

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Energy Monitoring
energy monitoring

Smart Facility Management
Smart Facility Management

Occupancy Monitoring and People Counting
occupancy monitoring and people countıng

Water Leak Monitoring
Water Leak Monitoring

Smart Retail
Smart Retail

Building Portfolio Management
Building Portfolio Management

Smart Hospital
Smart Hospıtal

How It Works

Choose wireless LoRaWAN-based sensors according to your use case from Sensgreen Device Portfolio, and install them in your building without needing any installation effort.

Track all your IoT device data through SensBoard Building IoT Platform, get analyses to manage your building better, and receive alarms and notifications to optimize building operations.

Analyze and Control
Analyze your building from reports that are generated by AI-based platform,  optimize your HVAC control strategy based on recommendations or automate your building via wireless controllers.

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Having data at my fingertips to act on air quality and energy. This is from a health perspective but also an energy perspective. Using this data and analyses, we can reach savings of millions of more kWh and dollars a year in our projects while offering a value-added service to our customers and investors.

Charles Blaschke IV Taka Solutions - Founder


Some text to describe the heading in detailSensgreen built the stack on LoRaWAN technology. LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a low-power wide-area networking protocol that enables data communication over long distances while consuming little power. It's especially well-suited for IoT applications like data collection in commercial buildings. A single gateway can receive and transmit data from hundreds of sensors to a cloud server.

Sensgreen Device Portfolio includes sensors from different manufacturers that have been tested and quality checked by the Sensgreen team. The devices can be chosen based on your use case from the portfolio and they are pre-configured to the platform which makes installation and commissioning easier than ever. 

Yes, the Sensgreen platform supports the integration of any device via MQTT and REST API.

No, the sensors are completely wireless and maintenance-free, and the platform is a web and mobile app that you can run on any phone or computer. Only the gateway which collects data from 100+ devices and forwards them to the cloud server should be connected to the internet. However, if you don't want to deal with any IT or if you don't have internet infrastructure at the site, the gateways can be provided with 4G Global SIM Cards which provide worldwide internet connectivity.

All the platform, monitoring, and control capabilities of the Sensgreen can be deployed to local servers and networks without needing any internet connection. The data can just be stored in the building and the platform can be accessible from the local network which totally complies with GDPR. Please get in touch with us to learn more about the on-premise installation of the Sensgreen system.
Yes, the Sensgreen system supports the conversion of LoRaWAN data to various protocols that are commonly used in buildings like Modbus, BACnet, and KNX. Please contact us to learn more details.