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Operate different types of controllers with a rich control capability interface.

SensBoard allows you to control your devices, schedule them, and change set points based on your time preferences.

Sensgreen Dashboard
SensBoard Scenerios

Create smart scenarios on SensBoard to save more energy.

You can create scenarios based on other sensors that is installed at the same location.

Scenarios based on real-time occupancy, door/window, energy consumption, air quality sensors can make a huge impact to manage HVAC devices efficiently. These scenarios can help to save energy up to 40%.

Connect your existing controllers to SensBoard.

SensBoard supports a wide range of controller types developed by global HVAC and Building Automation OEMs.

If you don't have any control infrastructure, get them from Sensgreen Wireless Controller Portfolio. However, if you already have controllers in your building, integrate them into SensBoard and start to use different rich control opportunities to save more energy. 

Supported HVAC and Building Automation OEMs

Connect with Sensgreen to optimize your building management and reduce your costs

Start reducing costs and begin capturing efficiencies instantly with Sensgreen

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