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occupancy analytics software

Energy Management

Unlock the power of energy management and revolutionize your building’s efficiency with Sensgreen’s cutting-edge solution, empowering building owners, facility managers, and sustainability professionals to take control of their energy usage and achieve reduced costs, enhanced operations, and a positive environmental impact.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Elevate occupant well-being and thrive in a healthier environment with Sensgreen’s data-driven indoor air quality monitoring solution, optimizing HVAC systems, ensuring compliance, and empowering facility managers, health and safety professionals, and workplace managers to create sustainable, energy-efficient buildings.

Occupancy Analytics

Unleash the power of Sensgreen’s Smart Building Platform to optimize building operations, enhance occupant experiences, and maximize space efficiency for facility managers, workplace managers, and hospitality managers.

Smart Cleaning

Elevate facility management to new heights with Sensgreen’s smart cleaning technology, delivering operational excellence, improved hygiene, and enhanced occupant comfort for facility managers, property managers, and cleaning service providers.

Smart AC and Radiator Control

Transform your HVAC management, cut costs, and enhance occupant comfort with Sensgreen’s innovative Smart Air Conditioner and Radiator Control Solution, tailored for retail shops, hospitality establishments, and building owners seeking efficient energy usage, personalized control, and elevated satisfaction.