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Smart AC and Radiator Control

Efficiently manage your heating and cooling systems

Cut costs and enhance comfort with innovative HVAC management.

Retail shop managers, hospitality managers, and building owners, get ready to experience a transformative shift in your operations and occupant comfort. Sensgreen’s Smart Air Conditioner and Radiator Control Solution is here to redefine the way you manage heating and cooling systems.


Our wireless IoT controllers offer an easy, cost-effective, and scalable approach to efficiently regulate temperature settings. With advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring, our solution provides personalized control and optimization of energy usage, resulting in significant cost savings. Say goodbye to energy wastage and hello to enhanced comfort and savings.

Designed with your needs in mind, our revolutionary technology empowers you to achieve efficient and sustainable HVAC management. Elevate the overall quality of life within your commercial building, boosting productivity and satisfaction. It’s time to embrace the future of building management with Sensgreen.

Who is it for?

  • Facility Managers
  • Retail Shop Managers
  • Hospitality Managers

Why it matters?

  •  Optimize Space Management
  • Enhance Security Measures
  • Increase Operational Efficiency

No expensive retrofits, simplified temperature management

Save up to 30% energy with optimized heating and cooling performance

Enhance occupant comfort with intelligent control

Sensgreen makes transforming buildings easier than ever before.


Remote Control

Monitor remotely and control your AC and radiator settings. Access and manage the system from anywhere, allowing for convenient adjustments, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Smart Scenarios

Create customized smart scenarios based on various parameters such as occupancy, window status, temperature thresholds Enablee intelligent control and optimization of AC and radiator settings to maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort.


Create temperature profiles for different time blocks, such as morning, afternoon, and evening. For each time block, they can specify the desired temperature setpoints for AC or radiator units.

Weather Integration

By leveraging weather data from reliable sources, dynamically adjust AC and radiator settings based on external conditions. Proactively respond to changes in temperature, humidity, or weather forecasts, optimizing energy usage and maintaining desired comfort levels.

Customization and Flexibility

Create multiple timetables to cater to different zones or areas within a building. Separate timetables for meeting rooms, offices, or common areas, allowing for precise control and comfort optimization.

Seasonal Adjustments

Adjust timetables based on seasonal variations. As the weather changes, modify the timetables to align with shifting temperature needs. Ensures that the AC or radiator units operate efficiently, maintaining comfortable indoor conditions while minimizing energy consumption.
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Let's Transform Your Building Together