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building intelligence sensgreen

Effortlessly monitor your building's performance

Manage IoT devices effectively within a building. One of its main advantages is the easy integration and support for a variety of devices, along with the availability of pre-configured data. Digitalize your building just within hours and reduce the effort by having the registration, installation, and commissioning procedures streamlined.

Simple-to-use tools for managing and configuring devices, enabling centralized control and monitoring. Improve operational effectiveness, streamline workflows for device management, and make sure that every device is properly connected to and optimized within the building ecosystem.

Keep track of your building's IoT data and operations

Get a comprehensive view of the Building IoT data and extract valuable insights. With advanced visualization tools like 2D/3D floor plans, comparative charts, trend charts, and heatmaps you can easily identify risky conditions, anomalies, and patterns related to indoor air quality, energy consumption, occupancy and other related parameters.

Make informed decisions by visualizing and take proactive measures for optimizing building operations, enhancing occupant comfort, and improving energy efficiency. Whether it’s monitoring air quality trends, analyzing energy consumption patterns, or identifying areas for improvement, the platform provides a clear and intuitive interface for better understanding and managing building data.

Analyze your building's data and take control of your HVAC system

Analyze your building from reports that are generated by AI-based platform,  optimize your HVAC control strategy based on recommendations or automate your building via wireless controllers. By analyzing the data, it becomes possible to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and optimize energy usage, indoor air quality, and occupant comfort.

The analytics provide improved decision-making, proactive maintenance, energy savings, and enhanced occupant well-being. Use cases range from identifying energy efficiency opportunities to predicting equipment failures and optimizing HVAC systems for optimal performance.

Optimize your building's performance -save time and costs

Achieve optimal performance and energy efficiency in buildings. By leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and HVAC control capabilities, the platform enables data-driven decision-making for building optimization. Get valuable insights into energy consumption patterns, indoor comfort levels, and system performance, allowing facility managers to make informed adjustments and improvements.

It facilitates dynamic HVAC control, automated scheduling, and proactive maintenance, leading to energy savings, improved occupant comfort, and reduced operational costs. The platform utilizes many different use cases to optimize building management such as demand response management, load balancing, temperature and humidity control, light control and preventive maintenance planning.


Sensgreen is loaded with powerful features that makes managing a building efficient


control your devices effortlessly

Notification Builder

create customized and real-time notifications


analyze the vast amount of IoT data collected


advanced overview of building information

Device Manager

control a wide range of IoT devices


make all your devices and apps work better

Take control of your building today

Effortlessly optimize your building with Sensgreen, from energy efficiency to occupant comfort, we've got ... your building. Connect with our experts for a personalized demo, or jump right in and start with a free trial.