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Real-time visualization and data analytics

Track and analyze all your IoT data through SensBoard

SensBoard is designed to work with the various type of IoT sensors in buildings, covering a wide range of use cases and solutions, so you can view and analyze all of the data in one simple platform.

Sensgreen Dashboard
Data Exporting

Export Data and Download Graphs

Download all stored sensor data just within seconds

You can download all your sensor, room, building or corporate data up without any time limitation in xlsx, csv, or pdf format. Also, download your graphs screenshots effortlessly in jpeg or png format.

Digital Twin of Your Building

Analyze Your Building IoT Data on 3D Floor Plan

You can get quick, insightful, and easy-to-understand analyses about your building performance and operations. All you need to do is upload your floor plans pdf, and just within a couple of hours, your building digital twin will be created by the floor plan generator of SensBoard.

Digital Twin - 3D Floor Plan
Countless Data Analytics Tools

Understand your building more, operate it better

Sound Level Comparison - Buildings Occupancy Level - Phase Balance Analysis - Window&Door Open Time Percentage

Connect with Sensgreen to optimize your building management and reduce your costs

Start reducing costs and begin capturing efficiencies instantly with Sensgreen

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