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Sensgreen Smart Building IoT Platform is a comprehensive software that supports a wide range of device models and brands. It also makes it easy to view the data gathered from these various sensors most conveniently, and allows you to use the controllers very comfortably with its customized interface. Among the brands supported by our platform, Milesight is one of the brands that has the most comprehensive range of sensors and controllers, we actively use its devices in many IoT projects with its reliable devices, and more and more devices are starting to be supported by our platform every day. In this blog post, we will briefly talk about how to integrate Milesight LoRaWAN gateways, sensors, and controllers into our Platform, sample use cases, and the projects we have already collaborated on.

Connecting Milesight Gateway to the Sensgreen Platform

All Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway devices are supported by Sensgreen IoT Platform. To do this, it will be enough to connect to your Milesight Gateway’s interface and make a few minor adjustments. To complete these configurations, it will be sufficient to change

    • Change the “Connection Type” in the Network Tab.
    • Change the Cellular APN (if you have a gateway that supports a SIM card)
    • In the Packet Forwarder section, add the Sensgreen LoRaWAN Network Server address as the destination.

After completing these operations, what you need to do with Sensgreen IoT Platform is much simpler. 

    1. On the Device Management page, click the “+ New Device” button.
    2. Select “Sensgreen LoRaWAN” as your connectivity method.
    3. Choose the device type as “Gateway”.
    4. Enter the Device EUI and Frequency band of your gateway.
    5. Select the building where you want to add the sensor and enter the room name where the sensor is installed.
    6. The gateway is now successfully registered to the Sensgreen IoT Platform.

Here is a link to the page that provides a clearer explanation of how to connect Milesight Gateway to the Sensgreen Platform.

Connecting Milesight Sensors & Controllers to the Sensgreen Platform

What you need to do to add a Milesight sensor or controller to the Sensgreen IoT Platform is very similar to adding a Milesight Gateway. 

    1. On the Device Management page, click the “+ New Device” button.
    2. Select “Sensgreen LoRaWAN” as your connectivity method.
    3. Choose the device type as “Sensor”.
    4. After selecting the sensor from the pop-up screen, typing the Device EUI of the device, and selecting Device Brand as “Milesight”, you select the model of the device you want to add from the “Sensor Type” list. After making these selections, the App Key section will be filled automatically. After selecting the frequency band of the device.
    5. Select the building where you want to add the sensor and enter the room name where the sensor is installed.
    6. The device is now successfully registered to the Sensgreen IoT Platform.

Here is the link to the webpage that provides a more detailed explanation of how to connect Milesight Sensors & Controllers to the Sensgreen Platform..

Advantages of the Sensgreen & Milesight Collaboration

    • Detailed Analysis Tools:  Observe the data you receive from your Milesight devices on column and line charts for the time intervals you specify by selecting the desired parameters. You can export these graphics in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG formats
detaied sensgreen's analysis tools
    • Reports: Report the data you receive from Milesight devices and see the scores of your building, examine the indoor air quality comparisons of rooms, and improve the environment by applying the insights and recommendations underlined in the report.
    • Alarms: Set an alarm via the Sensgreen Platform to be notified of undesirable situations through the data received from your Milesight devices. When these alarm situations occur, you can receive instant notification via email, WhatsApp, or SMS.
    • Automation: Set up automation scenarios that will cause your Milesight controllers to take action based on the data coming from your different Milesight sensors. Thanks to this feature, you can control your building with very little effort.
sensgreen platform's automation systems
    • Customized Device Interfaces: By registering your Milesight device to the platform, you can enter the brand model and monitor your device’s data from the sensor pages set specifically for each device. If this device is a controller, you can easily send commands to the devices with control interfaces prepared by the capabilities of that controller.
sensgreen platform's customized device interfaces
    • Fast Integration for New Milesight Devices: As one of the leading companies in LoRaWAN device production, Milesight constantly adds a wide variety of new and useful devices to its inventory. Sensgreen quickly develops integration for these devices and makes the IoT Platform compatible with new devices.

Example Case Study: Breath of Fresh Tech: Transforming Indoor

Air Quality with IoT Sensor Solutions

We would like to present an example of how Sensgreen and Milesight’s partnership is revolutionizing indoor air quality management, as demonstrated by this important project located in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. 


    • Air quality is crucial for health and well-being, impacting both short-term and long-term health.
    • Continuous IAQ monitoring is essential for timely interventions and healthier indoor environments.
    • IoT sensors are crucial for providing real-time data on air quality parameters.


    • Limited visibility without IoT sensors, hinders real-time monitoring.
    • Traditional methods lack comprehensive data-driven insights.
    • Inefficient resource utilization without real-time data.
    • Difficulty in scaling IAQ management for large facilities or buildings.


    • Implementation of Milesight IAQ sensors integrated with Sensgreen’s Smart Building Platform.
    • Installation of 50 Milesight AM319 IAQ sensors across 5 luxury villas in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.
    • Sensors measure temperature, humidity, occupancy, CO2 levels, and particulate matter.
    • Platform aggregated data, generating smart reports for insights into the indoor environment.


    • Revolutionized HVAC management in Palm Jumeirah villas, integrating luxury with environmental sustainability.
    • Smart notifications via WhatsApp facilitated swift addressing of environmental issues for a comfortable indoor climate.
    • Smart reports provided insights into humidity levels, guiding effective control strategies for optimized comfort and health.
    • Insights from reports were used to adjust HVAC operations for efficient energy use without compromising comfort.
    • Platform analysis aided in predicting maintenance needs, ensuring peak efficiency, and reducing breakdowns.
    • Smart modulation of VAV units reduced energy usage by 16% during non-peak hours.
    • Enhanced AHU performance decreased energy costs by 12%.
    • Predictive maintenance alerts reduced response time by 35%.

To learn more about this success story, follow the link provided here.

Supported Milesight Device List For now and Roadmap

AM Series 

    • AM102 – 2-in-1 IAQ Sensor
    • AM103 – 3-in-1 IAQ Sensor
    • AM107 – 7-in-1 IAQ Sensor
    • AM307 – 7-in-1 IAQ Sensor
    • AM308 – 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor
    • AM319 – 10-in-1 IAQ Sensor

GS Series

    • GS101 – Residential Gas Detector
    • GS 301 – Bathroom Odor Detector

Occupancy & People Counting Series

    • VS121 – AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor
    • VS133 – AI ToF People Counting Sensor
    • VS34x – Desk & Seat Occupancy Sensor 

WT Series

    • WT101 – Smart Radiator Thermostat
    • WT30x – Smart Fan Coil Thermostat

EM300 Series

    • EM300-TH – Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    • EM300-SLD/ZLD – Spot/Zone Leakage Detection Sensor
    • EM300-MLD – Membrane Leakage Detection Sensor
    • EM300-MCS – Magnetic Contact Switch
    • EM300-DI – Pulse Counter
    • EM320-TH – Temperature and Humidity Sensor

EM500 Series

    • EM500-PT100 – Platinum Temperature Sensor

CoWork Series

    • WS101 – Smart Button
    • WS201 – Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor
    • WS202 – PIR & Light Sensor
    • WS203 – Motion & TH Sensor
    • WS301 – Magnetic Contact Switch
    • WS302 – Sound Level Sensor
    • WS50x – Smart Wall Switch
    • WS51x – Smart Wall Socket
    • WS52x – Smart Portable Socket
    • WS558 – Smart Light Controller

* Sensgreen is integrating more Milesight Devices into our platform every day. In addition, Sensgreen integrates Milesight IoT devices from our customers, which are not on the list of devices currently supported, into our platform within a month and adds them to our supported devices.


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Meet Tarık, Head of IoT Operations at Sensgreen, where innovation and personal growth thrive. Since joining three years ago through an unexpected internship, Tarık has embraced a mission to make a difference—not just within the company but in combating climate change globally.

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