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The RESET Certification is a shining example of innovation and advancement in the field of environmentally friendly building methods. RESET Certification establishes the framework for real-time measurement and monitoring of energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings. It is a global standard for healthy and sustainable building practices. Through the use of a performance-based and data-driven methodology, RESET Certification emphasizes the significance of putting building occupant health and well-being first while reducing environmental impact. The context for comprehending the importance of RESET Certification in promoting healthier, more sustainable built environments is established by this introduction.

The RESET Standards’ Subgenres

The RESET Standards divided into two main categories:

Embodied Standards: An instance of this is RESET Embodied, which focuses on the environmental effects of building materials during their whole lifecycle.

Operational Standards: These are divided into four categories: RESET Energy, RESET Water, RESET Waste, and RESET Air. Each category deals with a distinct facet of building operations and the effects they have on the environment.

An operational standard called RESET Air aims to track and enhance indoor air quality (IAQ). It places a strong emphasis on ongoing monitoring of important air quality indicators, including carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), and particulate matter (PM2.5). By offering real-time data and air quality guidelines, this standard seeks to improve interior environments and lower health hazards related to poor air quality, including respiratory problems and sick building syndrome. There are RESET Air certifications for Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell, which concentrate on HVAC systems and indoor air quality, respectively.​

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Advantages of RESET Certification

RESET Certification offers numerous benefits for building owners, operators, and occupants. Here are some key advantages:

Healthier Occupants: Obtaining RESET Certification guarantees the best possible indoor air quality and comfort, enhancing building occupants’ well-being, output, and contentment.

Reduced Operational Costs: RESET Certification lowers energy, water, waste production, and maintenance costs by improving building performance and efficiency.

Increased Market Value: A building’s appeal, occupancy rate, rental revenue, and resale value can all rise when its quality and sustainability are demonstrated by RESET Certification.

Improved Reputation: Brand image, credibility, and competitiveness are all increased by RESET Certification, which demonstrates leadership and innovation in the green building sector.

Compliance and International Recognition: By connecting buildings to a network of pioneering initiatives and experts in healthy buildings, RESET Certification facilitates compliance with green building norms and regulations and opens doors to international markets and opportunities.

Comparison of RESET with other certificates

    • The RESET Certification is primarily concerned with energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ), as opposed to many other green building certifications that have more extensive and varied requirements.
    • In contrast to conventional certifications, RESET Certification necessitates ongoing IAQ parameter monitoring to guarantee that buildings sustain ideal air quality over time.
    • In contrast to certain other certifications that can have more restrictive or prescriptive requirements, the RESET Certification offers a modular and flexible approach that enables customisable solutions based on project goals and requirements.
    • In contrast to other certifications, RESET Certification is data-driven and offers occupants and stakeholders clear and understandable information regarding indoor environmental quality through real-time monitoring and cloud-based reporting.
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How to Get RESET Certification for your Building

How to apply for a RESET certificate?

To apply for a RESET certificate, follow these steps:

    1. Contact a RESET Accredited Professional (AP): Engage a RESET AP to guide you through the process.
    2. Register your project: Register your project on the RESET website and pay the registration fee.
    3. Select relevant modules: Select the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) element or aspects, like air quality, that you wish to verify.
    4. Select accredited monitors and data providers: Ensure you use RESET-accredited devices and services.
    5. Set up and adjust the monitors: To ensure correct installation and calibration, adhere to the RESET recommendations.
    6. Data streaming and monitoring: Provide data to the RESET Assessment Cloud continuously.
    7. Send in for evaluation: Once your project has met the performance targets for three months running, submit it for review.

What is the reset standard for sensors?

Included in the RESET standard for sensors are:

    • Accreditation: In order to guarantee that sensors fulfill the necessary standards for accuracy, dependability, and connectivity, RESET must accredit them.
    • Specifications: Sensors have to meet requirements for things like connectivity, accuracy, calibration, and data display.
    • Installation guidelines: Sensor locations, heights, orientations, and maintenance must all be done in accordance with RESET instructions.
    • Data reporting: During 90% of the certification period, sensors must transmit data to the RESET Assessment Cloud at least once every ten minutes.

How can Sensgreen help you achieve RESET certification?

Sensgreen offers cutting-edge indoor environmental monitoring solutions that adhere to RESET criteria, thus it may assist you in becoming certified under RESET. Accredited sensors from Sensgreen provide accurate and trustworthy real-time data on important indoor air quality metrics like humidity, temperature, TVOC, and PM2.5. Sensgreen guarantees continuous data streaming and compliance with RESET’s strict requirements for data quality and transparency with its simple installation and seamless integration into the RESET Assessment Cloud. Sensgreen’s easy-to-use dashboard and analytics tools also let you keep an eye on and maximize the environmental performance of your building, guaranteeing that you hit the performance benchmarks required for RESET certification. You may improve occupant health and well-being, expedite the certification process, and show that you are dedicated to sustainability and innovation in building management by collaborating with Sensgreen.



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